Crate-Digging Quick Takes: Hair Police – Mercurial Rites


(Type, 2013)

Punk rock can be totally horrifying, specifically as manifest by the nasty boys in Hair Police, whose record Mercurial Rites was just released by surprise on Type Records. The members’ pedigrees are underground prestigious (if such a thing exists), as they include stints in Wolf Eyes, Three-Legged Race, Gods of Tundra, Attempt, Burning Star Core, and others. I’d fallen in love with the bloody maelstrom of Blow Out Your Blood (which I reviewed on this very site), and followed that up with spins of Obedience Cuts and Drawn Dead. Mercurial Rites is similar to the slow burn bog of Drawn Dead with some obviously severe Wolf Eyes touchstones, but it’s immediate and gnarly in its execution. And it’s terrifying. As it should be. I’ll leave you to it, but keep the lights on.

RIYL: Wolf Eyes, Three-Legged Race, Gods of Tundra

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